Introductions: Assignment - What's spooky about technology today?

Overview and learning objectives

The course will be collaborative and interdisciplinary. Students from all lots of different departments will be involved. So, let’s get to know each other, and our backgrounds, and theskills and interests each of us have. This project will invite you to:

  • Playfully introduce your skills and interests to other participants of the course;
  • Develop an understanding the perspectives of potential collaborators in the course and how they might compliment your skills.
  • Develop an understanding of the range of disciplines and interests in the class, as well as how they contribute to exploring Spooky Technoloy!
  • make sense of and interpet the theme of ‘spooky tech’ for yourself, and for others.

The goal of this exercise will be introduce yourself to the other students in the course _with a quickly assembled creative composition


“What’s spooky about technology today?”

In not more than 2 hours prepare a digital artifact that interprets this prompt.

This can take any format or medium you like, so long as it can be shared with the group on slack.

For example you could:

  • make a collage of news articles or personal experiences
  • prepare a short video
  • write an essay or story story
  • engage a social media platform creatively
  • dig into your own data (Google search history, Fitbit logs or tweets)
  • use a tool like or Floodwatch to reveal how technologies interpret you.

Submitting your work:

Say Hi to everyone and post the output to the #introductions channel on slack.

Include a 100-150 word statement that explains your composition interprets what’s spooky about technology and/or briefly introduces you to the rest of the class, your background, your skills, etc.


  • Must be something you can produce in 2 hours.


When preparing your responses, below are some questions you might think about:

  1. Who are you and what’s your background? How might this be different or similar to others in the class? What digital content might embody or represent that to the class?

  2. What’s an example of something you’ve made/analyzed/explored that relates to this class?

  3. What are your unique skills that will help you prototyping spooky technology: smart objects, intelligent spaces or mobile tools that could help support digital memory?

  4. What are the images/ideas/concepts about spookiness that resonate with you?

  5. Have you had a spooky encounter with technology? Maybe you could tell us about it!